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1) Comment anonymously with a prompt featuring either Vulcans or consequences from the destruction of Vulcan in the Star Trek: Reboot Universe. This can be gen or shippy, serious or funny. (Examples: A day in the life on the new Vulcan colony, the Vulcan people become space pirates, lots of Vulcans go into pon farr early since there's a population crisis, an Andorian cook stumbles on something that tastes almost exactly like plomeek soup and makes a fortune!)

2) Read other people's requests, and make them something to fulfill it: icons, fic, vids, art, filk, anonymous post card, whatever you got. Post it as a reply to the prompt which inspired you, anonymously or as yourself, your choice.

3) Wait three weeks from the time you fulfilled the prompt before you post it outside of Dreamwidth, but if you want to post it on your Dreamwidth journal sooner, that's fine.

4) Repeat until satisfied.

From: (Anonymous)

This might not be the fill you're looking for?

It was not, Dr. Celeste Smith, archivist of Musical Traditions in the Smithsonian Pan-Federation Institute, it was not, she thought insistently, that she was perturbed at the thought of her collection, carefully cataloged and tagged and set out just so for full visual impact and ...

She sighed and ruefully shook her head. It's not like I have any claim to these things at all. As a matter of fact, the Institute hadn't even realized that the items in question were Vulcan. The gongs and stands and mallet were seemingly displaced from history, almost as if they were from another time or an alternate path, perhaps they were even representative of a different sect or society than the modern Vulcan... maybe even pre-Surak...

She came abruptly back to herself. She needed to be packing these for travel, not daydreaming about the potential history and significance of the materials and construction and the fact that the Ambassador, upon seeing the collection in the new "Amanda Grayson Memorial Wing" immediately demanded their return to the Vulcan people.

It was very tempting however, to daydream a little about metallurgy processes, religious ceremonies, processions. Maybe this gong, with its sonorous resonance and shrill overtones, lived at a temple and called supplicants inside. Maybe this gong announced the logical joy of a marriage ceremony. Maybe this gong announced who exactly was the passerby ahead on the road. Did this gong sing differently depending on how it was struck?

There was no script on the gong and the only indication that it wasn't Terran was the materials used - a much hotter fire would have been used to anneal this gong than the multitude of its plain orchestral counterparts. Dr. Smith drew herself away from further contemplation of the avenues of study lost, the Vulcans were so secretive, she pouted silently, and placed the final block of packing foam over the top of the gong. She firmly smacked the lid down on the shipping crate, initiated the sequence to air-evac and vacuum seal, and walked away.

She was going to break for lunch, she decided, and bring her sketchbook; determined to have a few final drawings and daydream about descending tones over iced tea and a sandwich.
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From: [personal profile] beatrice_otter

Re: This might not be the fill you're looking for?

Very nice! Though now I'd love to know how the artifacts came to be in that collection in the first place.


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