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sharpest_asp: New Trek logo that says new but still fun (Star Trek: Reboot)

From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Fill: Reach For Rejection

Spock listened, watching as the newest emissary bearing offers of aid spoke eloquently. In another world, he had betrayed this woman. In another time, he might even have felt the first stirrings of love, only to bow to duty.

Now the woman he knew as Commander argues passionately about their mutual heritage, the need for reunification of their species. Beyond her, Tal, still a Sub-Commander, watches impassively as her honor guard. Some of the words the Commander uses are familiar to Spock in other ways, as he recalls his own defection to Romulus in hopes of finding just what is offered here and now.

Vulcans, he knows from personal experience, are as proud and haughty as those Romulans he once tried to convince. Despite their conquest of their emotions, the troubled era of Surak still haunts the primitive mind lurking beneath the logic, and they seek the logic to avoid acceptance of the offer being made to them in the form of this woman's words.

"Honored council." His voice breaks out from the silence ringing after she ceases to speak, before T'Pau can bring her weight to bear on the matter. She will resist, he knows, because her memory is longest, hearkening back to the troubles that had come by accepting the humans into an alliance. She does not care for the wild emotions evoked by the Romulan presence. "I do not see that we have the leeway to refuse to entertain the offer of our long-separated kin," he said, his aged voice as eloquent as Sarek's. "There are, to my knowledge, many orphans within the Romulan Empire. There can be cultural exchanges, as we learn one another's ways once again. This tragedy, wrought by misunderstanding and personal vengeance by one, should not stand in the way of pure logic. The offer must be considered as it stands, an outreach of compassion that can further both our races' needs," he argued, seeing how the Commander's eyes came to rest on him, the attentive pose of her body.

T'Pau frowned slightly, to any who knew how to read it, and Spock was one such. He waited, but, as with his demand for the presence of his friends at his first pon farr's madness, she acquiesced. "Thee has spoken well, Commander; we shall take the matter into consideration."

"I shall await in the chambers you have provided, Honored One," the Commander said, but her eyes strayed back to Spock, curious as to his open endorsement of her ideas.

She would have to learn more of the enigmatic elder whom all the Council listened to, despite his apparent outsider role.


"Selek," came the call of a woman's voice, one that had haunted more than one play of events in Spock's mind. He turned to see the Commander, noting Tal nor her Vulcan escort were in sight.

"Commander." //Di'on Charvon, later Liviana Charvanek,// his mind whispered, but those names were not meant to be said aloud.

"Tell me how it is you know of the orphans?" she invited. "It is true their placement was something we were interested in obtaining with our offer of assistance."

Spock merely steepled his fingers and looked at her with an arched eyebrow. "Orphans, Commander, are a given in any society that practices the warfare and subterfuge that Romulus has been rumored to foster. Your words tell me my logic is sound." He would not think about another orphan, one that would need his influence in the near future. Or would she? Did Saavik exist? That was yet another of his quandaries in navigating the new field he played upon.

The woman before him appraised him intently, then nodded slowly. "You have depths I am unaccustomed to in even my race," she said, reminding him that she was not so far removed from the telepathy of their shared heritage, with her uncanny, near empathic ability to read people.

"And you, Commander, are a being ahead of your time." He bowed his head just slightly. "The decision will be reached soon."

"And you feel..." she prompted.

"I am Vulcan. We do not," he allowed himself to reply, the prevarication coming as easily as if he were sparring with McCoy on his Enterprise. "Until the Council resumes session, be at peace."

"And you, Selek."


T'Pau stood and delivered the word of the Council. "It is the finding that thee has made a logical suggestion, and New Vulcan will allow the cultural exchange to occur, with provisions for preserving both ways of life. It is also our wish that Selek, for his intercession, be the Minister attached to overseeing the program and its consequences."

"We accept this, and the Praetor will accept your choice," she told T'Pau with certainty.

Spock, under the guise of his new life, met the gaze of the Commander, and wondered if the game of cat and mouse would be as stimulating this time as before, given the frank expression of interest written in her eyes.

Life was never boring, even in new universal timelines, when this woman was involved.
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pantswarrior: Nimoy as Spock Prime in the new Star Trek (spock!prime)

From: [personal profile] pantswarrior

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

Love you for this. :D

Seriously, I'm always going off about how much I love Spock Prime's position in this timeline, where he gets to see all the people he's left behind once more, but I never thought of him seeing her again. That's awesome.

(And now I'm getting some new ideas of my own regarding other women-of-the-episode...)
sharpest_asp: Nate Ford sitting on a bench, Sophie Devereaux resting against his lap (Default)

From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

+squee+ I like seeing different takes on the various bit parts of the classic series in a rebooted light...

Thank you, and UGH I see I left in tense shifts...time to go edit this one at my journal.
sharpest_asp: Nate Ford sitting on a bench, Sophie Devereaux resting against his lap (Default)

From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

You have a lovely community here, and I look forward to more of the prompts being written.
revdorothyl: missmurchison made this (Cole Porter)

From: [personal profile] revdorothyl

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

Oh, what fun! Maybe this time Spock's dealings with the Commander can have a more mutually satisfactory outcome. Thanks for writing this.
maireadinish: from (Celtic dragon)

From: [personal profile] maireadinish

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

Oh, this is interesting. Now I want to see all of the intrigue that will happen.
sharpest_asp: Nate Ford sitting on a bench, Sophie Devereaux resting against his lap (Default)

From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Re: Fill: Reach For Rejection

So do I, and I'm mulling this over, looking for the ways the Rihansu Romulans will try to exploit it, and how Spock will foil them, and the Commander being all wonderfully strong and seductive, and Spock all 'I've outlived my times' and what can happen!

Alas, I have fic exchanges to fulfill first...


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