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Title: Parted From Me
Author: Azar
Rating: PG at worst
Spoilers: set after the new movie but with references to TOS, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, as well as the tie-in novels, The Pandora Principle and Vulcan's Heart
Pairing: Spock Prime/Saavik, implied Spock/Uhura
Acknowledgments: My betas--[personal profile] medie, who is the canon/nitpick goddess of all things Trek, and [profile] marag who is also fabulous at things Trek, but even better at grammar (and she wouldn't want to be deified anyway). ;-)
Note: This story was written as catharsis upon realizing that in the new universe established by this movie, one of my favorite characters from the original movie series will now likely never exist. Because said character got the bulk of her characterization off-screen, though, it draws heavily on quasi-canon established in the novels and in one deleted scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It should hopefully be understandable to anyone who hasn't read those novels or descriptions of that scene, but I thought I ought to say something just in case.
Summary: It is left to him to mourn what would have been.

Parted From Me


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