This community has been in a, um, healing trance for quite some time now. I thought that, for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, we might want to launch a "kink meme. Rather than sexual or even narrative kinks, the prompts would be various theories about what happened in the Reboot universe as a result of the destruction of Vulcan.

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Shall we proceed with a Vulcan Reforged Kink Meme?

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That would be most logical, Captain. (Yes)
12 (100.0%)

Your emotional entreaties can not persuade me. (No)
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An alternate proposal may possess some value. Please consider something I will explicate in comments.
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Vulcan Reforged

What is Vulcan Reforged?

Fanwork focused on the aftermath of the destruction of Vulcan and the attempted genocide of the Vulcan species.

WARNING: Members are not required to post warnings about specific triggers in this community, stories are tagged explicit sex, explicit violence, none, or choose not to warn. Please ask authors if you need specific information regarding triggers, squicks, or dislikes.

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