I just finished reading the Big Bang fic Adaptation by [livejournal.com profile] ghiri_mai (gen, 44,451 words), and I enjoyed it a lot. It had good worldbuilding and imagined the impact of Vulcan's destruction and Nero on the Romulans and Vulcan rebuilding, and I was hooked even though it was mostly about original characters. (There were some typos still in the text that I noticed, and though it didn't have much of an impact on my enjoyment, as it wasn't a persistent homonym or apostrophe confusion, nitpicky readers might be bothered.)


Vulcan Reforged

What is Vulcan Reforged?

Fanwork focused on the aftermath of the destruction of Vulcan and the attempted genocide of the Vulcan species.

WARNING: Members are not required to post warnings about specific triggers in this community, stories are tagged explicit sex, explicit violence, none, or choose not to warn. Please ask authors if you need specific information regarding triggers, squicks, or dislikes.

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