I posted the below to my journal couple of days ago, and then realized the question was appropriate for this comm:
So, that whole thing where conventional Federation warp drives were tearing apart the fabric of space-time, but, it appears, some solution must have been found for the problem, since someone thought it was a idea to build Voyager, with a cruising speed above Warp 9. (The environmental impact of gasoline distortion of the fabric of space-time by conventional warp technologies was a big part of the plot of the finale of TNG.)

movie spoilers. OMG, people, go bittorrent the movie so I can stop cutting! )

Then today I was reading [personal profile] anne_higgins' No-Win Scenario which is not particularly germane to this comm, but which mentions that the low-level species wide telepathy was putting the Vulcans into a tail-spin, and I wondered if a large number of people from a different telepathic species would be helpful or harmful.

What do y'all think of either or both ponderances?



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